Flora Stevenson

The number of students in The Music School varies between 15 and 25. Apart from their individual tuition which takes place in the music block, students in The City of Edinburgh Music School spend most of their time with their classmates in the main building. Music is an important part of the School and all children have the opportunity to participate.

Many children learn to play the recorder and others are members of the School Choir. Approximately 25 children are learning to play violin and a small provision is made for flute and cello. Several of the older students, and younger students from The City of Edinburgh Music School walk to Broughton every Thursday after school to play in the Junior String Orchestra. Children from all the music groups perform for parents or pupils regularly.

Flora Stevenson Primary School has an active School Board and Parent Teacher Association.The PTA helps to provide a range of activities for the children, to enrich the curriculum both during the day and after school. Craft work, baking, changing reading books, helping with the computer, supervising games and organising the library are just some of the aspects parents participate in during class time. After school, parents help run the football and badminton teams, the gardening club and other sporting events. One group of parents has established an After School Club which employs supervisors to look after children at the end of the school day and provide them with a programme of activities.

High standards are set for children. All classes were involved in forming the School’s list of expectations. Good work and good behaviour receive praise and recognition in all the classes and school assemblies. Occasionally, when it suits the programmes of work designed for the children, we enter competitions. During recent years we have won awards at local and national levels in art, music and writing. One student won £1000 for creative writing which was soon spent on another computer to enhance desktop publishing enterprises. The School is popular. Approximately one third of the children do not live in the catchment area. Parents of those children sought places at Flora Stevenson Primary School from across the City and beyond.

Regular communication to parents is through newsletters and notices. Parent-teacher interviews are arranged in the evenings twice during the school year and a report is issued during the summer term. Parents are invited to see work in all the classrooms during the spring term and meetings are arranged over the year to discuss different aspects of the curriculum. If concerns arise at any other times parents are encouraged to contact the School. Every year the School produces a booklet for parents of new entrants which is available from the School Office.

Sharon McGhee - Headteacher

Flora Stevenson Primary School,
Comely Bank Road,
Edinburgh EH4 1BG
Telephone 0131 332 1604
Fax 0131 343 6310

Guide for Parents

Jo Maisie Mika Amelia

In accepting a student into The Music School, The City of Edinburgh Council is making a major commitment to resources, and if the School is to be of maximum benefit to its students this commitment must be matched by that of students and parents. This guide is intended to help parents play their part in the process.

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The Selection Procedure


A preliminary audition can be arranged through the Director of The Music School at any time during the academic year. On the basis of this informal meeting advice will be given on whether or not to proceed further. Those short-listed for a final audition will be called in for assessment by a panel of highly-renowned musicians from both within and outwith the School.

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